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My Interesting ‘SuJu-KaYoo’

My Interesting ‘SuJu-KaYoo’

I’m interesting at Super Junior Kyuhyun. Last month I went to see his concert at Thunder Dorm, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok. He has a smooth voice it make me fall in love with him. Other wise this is his first solo song “At Qwanghwamun”


Unfortunately, the time is going very fast. It’s time for his military he has to being in the military for 2 full years. Kyuhyun will go next month on 25 May 2017 and will come out on 24 May 2019. This news is make me so sad but before he will go, he make his first Thai solo song “Blah Blah” I think when I listened to his song, maybe my tears suddenly came out and hard to stop it. hahahahahahaha

Here is Kyuhyun’s first Thai song. He was singing at the concert with Stamp Apiwat our Thai singer. They were singing very well.


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